TLARC Fox Hunt

Spring 2021


The Tellico Lake Amateur Radio Club (TLARC) was f

The TLARC Fox Hunt event was conducted on March 24th, a fine Saturday morning at Lenoir City Park, shed #3 in Lenoir City, Tennessee. It rained the entire time but we had 17 participate and EVERYONE went home with a prize. And despite the rainy weather, everyone had a good time!

We hid only one fox due to inclement weather. Some got wetter than others but we tried to keep it to a minimum. The fox was hidden in the crock of a tree surrounded by bushes in a 3” PVC enclosure painted brown. The fox transmitted clues through out the morning. Funny that the fox sounded just like KK6OKU. 

Snacks for the event were graciously provided by Mike KK6OKU and Karen Foley.

Thanks to J.W. Wilburn Hardware in Lenoir City, All That Motorsports in Vonore and Chick-fil-A in Lenoir City for their support of the Club and for providing prizes. We appreciate them all very, very much.

Enjoy the following pics and the story of TLARC Fox Hunt 2021 ...



1st Place:  Team ESK (David N1ESK and David KN4LMM).  Time: 15 minutes.

                  Prize: Baofeng UV82 HT, donated by All that Motorsports, Vonore.

2nd Place:  Keith KG4GJE, got a TLARC Tee shirt, donated by the Club.  Time: 27 minutes.

                  Ben KN4VIF, got a statue of the UT Mascot "Smoky", donated by J.W.Wilburn Hardware, Lenoir City.

3rd Place:  David, KF4DKW one jug of Purel Hand Sanitizer.  Time: 35 minues.

                 John, KO4MIY a 2 pack of antibacterial wipes.

                 Both prizes donated by J.W.Wilburn Hardware, Lenoir City.

The two young men with Ben KN4VIF each got a face mask, donated by J.W.Wilburn Hardware.

Everyone that participated got a Chick-fil-A gift card, good for your choice of a chicken sandwich, 8 piece chicken nugget, or a grilled chicken sandwich, donated by Chick-fil-A, Lenoir City

Despite the rain, we still had a pretty good turnout. We had 17 that participated in the event. Even though it was cold and rainy, we thought that it would be good practice to have a fox hunt to prepare us for any emergency condition. 

We also had a reporter from the Tellico Connection newspaper who came out and interviewed David KF4DKW, Mike KK6OKU, David N1ESK and Mike K4MJF to find out more about fox hunting and the role that amateur radio plays in our community.


We asked that whoever found the fox would have to identify it, then come back to us and tell us what it looked like and where it was so we could provide them with a time. Well ... David ('LMM ) and Dave ('ESK) were hunting the fox together and they ran across what they thought at first was a fox, just sitting out in the open. They came back and identified the item as a small round device with a USB charging cord hanging out of one side of it. As it turned out, that wasn't the fox, but someone had tossed out their "special toy" out the window! We ALL got a good laugh out of it, and Dave and David returned to the field to find the fox, which they did in short order. The two young men also found the device and reported that they thought they found the fox, but were promptly told that it wasn't what they were supposed to find! They also later found the fox and correctly identified it and its location.

The fox transmitter was in a sealed PVC tube painted brown

N1ESK and KN4LMM received First Place prize of a Baofeng UV82 Handi-Talkie

Karen Foley presents to Second Place winners Keith KG4GJE and Ben KN4VIF

Third Place prizes went to John KO4MIY and David KF4DKW

Prizes and Snacks!

Mike KK6OKU, showing Mike K4MJF how the logging program works

Mike KK6OKU talking to the reporter from the Tellico Connection about the Club

The "hunters" getting instructions from Mike KK6OKU and Mike K4MJF

David KN4LMM), David N1ESK, Brad KM4OJK, P.J. KO4EGP and Mike KK6OKU



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