June 14, 2020

@ Chota Wellness Center


The first ever TLARC Fox Hunt was deemed a success, according to those in attendance on Sunday morning, June 14th. Eleven licensed amateurs participated in the event, assisted by the first and second harmonics of Jacob KN4WAV and Kayla KO4DEG Lindsey. Two foxes were laying in wait at the Tellico Village Wellness Center. The group was split into two groups and set out for two hours of frustration and learning. Most everyone found the hidden transmitters, which were hiding in plain sight.


With the first effort completed, participants have some data points to improve their techniques and equipment for the second TLARC fox hunt. Early planning has already begun. Now is the time to start building your portable antennas, attenuators, and other tools to find those foxes.


Quick Backgrounders:

     Amateur Radio Hidden Transmitter Fox Hunt (& video)

     ARRL on 'Fox Hunts'

     What is Ham Radio 'Fox Hunting' all about?

     Amateur radio direction finding (Wikipedia)


The Fox Hunters!


N1ESK using a Directional Antenna Extraordinaire.


Inner workings of a fox transmiter.


David KF4DKW points out the location of the Fox he located.


One of The Foxes was able to climb a try to (unsuccessfully) evade detection.


Even HTs with small antennas were able to be used to locate the foxes.


Techniques discussed for using directional antennas to locate the foxes.


Instructions delivered at the start of The Hunt, delivered by Hunt Master N1ESK.


One of the foxes laying in wait.


That was a gray rat snake (nonvenomous) found it on one of the wooded trails looking for the fox in the tube.  He was about 5' long.




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