The Great Tower Drop of 2019
A team of TLARC members went out to Oakdale TN (Morgan County) to take down a huge tower and antenna array that was generously donated to the club by Bill Radice K4OWR.

The Team (L to R):  David KF4DKW, Bill K4OWR, Tim KE4OTZ, Randy WK9M, Emily KB1NXN, David N1ESK

The Challenge:

The Ascent by Tim KE4OTZ:

The Ground Crew:

Tim KE4OTZ up at the top:

Section by Section:

One antenna coming down:

Lowering in action:

One antenna made it down!

Tim midway

Piece by piece over to the trailer:

And loading up the trailer:

Many more photos were snapped during this successful TLARC activity. 
Contact Ye Ol' Webmaster if you'd like a full set of them (more than 300 MB of files!)

George Heron, N2APB

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